Ilia Belorukov - composition, laptop
Mikhail Ershov - bass-guitar
Konstantin Samolovov - drums


Wozzeck project started in September of 2007. 

Past members:
Alexey Zabelin - drums

Pavel Medvedev - electric-guitar
Pavel Mikheev - drums


Act I (2007) (mp3)
(Clinical Archives ca087)
free download

Act II (2010) (mp3)
(Zeromoon zero098)
free download

Act III: Comics (2011) (CD)
(Intonema int001)
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Act IV (2011) (CD)
(Opposing Music OPM013)
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Act V (2013) (audio DVD)
(Intonema int008)
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6 (2015) (cassette)
(SpinaRec sr018)
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Was bist so still, Bub? (feat. Alexei Borisov) (2009) (cd-r) (Podvoh PDVH006)
Fort! (2011) (cd-r) (Spirals of Involution SOI 063) buy through SOI label

Zieht das Kind an Sich (2013) (mp3) (Pan Y Rosas pyr071) free download

A Fashionable Disease / Wozzeck feat. Dario Fariello (2010) (cd-r) (Pet Goat Records 058) listen online

Pymathon / Wozzeck (2010) (cassete) (Distorted Bible Stories 004)
Wozzeck & Banana Pill / Coaxil (2012) (cassete) (Already Dead Tapes AD057) listen online
Wozzeck / Jelena Glazova (2013) (cassete) (Obsedante obs!13) free download

Ass Jazz vol.1 (2008) (cd-r, mp3) (Pet Goat Records 01)
Clinical Jazz (2008) (mp3) (Clinical Archives ca200) free download
The Report From Distant Lands (2011) (cassete) (Impulsy Stetoskopu 030)

Sound Interpretations — Dedication To Julio Cortazar (2012) (mp3) (Haze 155) free download
Poverty Electronics vol.2 (2014) (lossless) (Poverty Electronics) free download

Fragment of composition "Act 5.5"

Fragment of composition "Act 5.4"

Fragment of composition "Act 5.3"

Fragment of composition "Act 5.3" (duo version)

Fragment of composition "Act 5.2"

Fragment of composition "Act 5.1"

Fragment of CD "Act III: Comics"

Fragment from Act IV

Fragment from Act II

Fragment from first line-up