Duo with Stefan Thut

Ilia Belorukov (RU) and Stefan Thut (CH) look for alternative ways of performing as a duo by abandoning the idea of presenting a music from a fixed stage in front of an audience. The conception of two performers always inhabiting two positions in space is central to their work. The dealing with this inherent separative situation opens up a multitude of settings and actions involving distance, time and sound. In order to go from one setting to the next one a change is inevitable and is bound to the factor of time. By their performative activity the linking of space and time is directly tangible.

Belorukov’s and Thut’s previous duo work applied a variety of every day material from paper, cardboard, thread, to consumer electronics, recording devices, watches, vibration speakers, alto saxophone, cello, body movement, sound, space and time.


25 March 2016 in Solothurn, Switzerland
Recording session at Kantosschule Solothurn.

24 March 2016 in Solothurn, Switzerland
Stefan Thut invited Ilia Belorukov to play in Solothurn in a small book shop. They realized their new piece “distance between two (2)” and performed a score by Michael Pisaro, composer from the Wandelweiser collective.

17 February 2016 in Turku, Finland
The trio of finnish guitarist Lauri Hyvärinen, Ilia Belorukov and Stefan Thut presented scores by the Wandelweiser collective of composers and longtime affiliated composer-guitarist Taku Sugimoto from Japan.

16 February 2016 in Helsinki, Finland
Ilia Belorukov and Stefan Thut met for the first time as a duo to investigate what they summon as 'distance between two': two taken as two persons, two sounds, two points in time, two positions in space and more.

22-23 June 2015 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Stefan Thut came to Saint Petersburg in June 2015 to present his new score "un/even and one" which Yuri Akbalkan, Anna Antipova, Ilia Belorukov Andrey Popovskiy and Denis Sorokin performed with him. In this score Thut joined the sounds from transcribed language played through the surface of a moving cardboard box with acoustic and electronic instruments. Silence and sound mirror the interleaving of score, space, performer and instrumentalists. Intonema label released compact disc 'un/even and one' in February 2016.