Miguel A. Garcia and Ilia Belorukov met in 2013 in Saint-Petersburg at a recording session. After some time they started to work as a duo. Their first album "Wolkokrot" was released by the hungarian label Inexhaustible Editions in 2015. It was a studio work with various electronics, sound samples and field recordings as blurred reflections of memories. Next studio work called "Don Treppenwitz" released on Dinzu Artefacts from USA in 2018 and contains developing of their work with voice samples, field recordings, synthesizers and small electronics. As a live unit Miguel and Ilia plays using improvised contexts and working with sounds from fluteophone or alto saxophone, electronic devices and objects.

First tour of the duo happened in December 2016 in Switzerland and France. They did some collaborations and recordings on that tour. One of sessions is meeting with Strøm, electronic duo of Gaudenz Badrutt & Christian Müller, which was released as split album "Cryptcionsion" in Poland by VA Tapes. Another one is quartet with Jason Kahn on drums & Frantz Loriot on viola. Their album "Invanskrue" was released on russian label called Intonema. Two albums as a duo from this tour was released in 2019. "Atomnye Deti" is album of live improvisations showed up on American label EH?, "Dan Manialogism" is edited multitrack improvisations was released in Finnish label Magma Tones.

Besides that, Ilia and Miguel continued their work when Ilia visited Spain in July 2017. They did album with Alfredo Costa Monteiro called "Etwas", released by Tanuki Records from Belgium. After that duo spent almost two weeks in Miguel's studio in Bilbao. These recordings that includes many editing and selection work still in the progress and will be released as soon as possible.

Second tour of a duo happened in Germany and France in October 2018. They collaborated with Bertrand Denzler in Paris at famous church "Eglise Saint-Merry" and released this meeting called "Gewolla Kid" on Theme Park (Malaysia). Next live album called "Suspec Siluetti" was released on French label Falt Records in November 2019.

Wolkokrots releases are available on Bandcamp: https://wolkokrots.bandcamp.com

Tours and concerts:
1-10 October 2018 | Berlin, Leipzig, Halle, Hamburg, Cologne, Paris
12 July 2017 | Barcelona
7-16 December 2016 | Biel, Geneva, Lausanne, Marseille, Toulouse, Montpellier, Besancon, Zurich

photo by clara de asis