Other Projects

Duo with Kurt Liedwart (2009-2016)
(electroacoustic, improvised music)

Benzolnye Mertvecy / Mars-96 / Mars-69 / Glina (2008-2016)
(improvised noise-rock, drone-noise, noisecore, nowave etc)

Wooden Plants (trio with Andrey Popovskiy & Dmitriy Krotevich) (2009-2013)
contemporary improvised music

Duo with Yuriy Yaremchuk (UA) (2009-)
free improvisation

Duo with Topias Tiheasalo (FI) (2009-)
free improvisation

Duo with Vlad Makarov (2006-)

Duo with Daria Plokhova (dance) (2009-)
improvised music + dance

Duo with Philip Croaton (2005-2009)

Punktieren (duo with Dmitriy Krotevich) (2010-2012)

Les Phares (duo with Maria Grigoryeva on violin & electronics) (2008-2010)

Duo with Andrey Lomakin (2007-2009)

Dots & Lines (with Roman Stolyar & Andrey Popovskiy) (2007-2010)
free improvisation

Dadazu (with Pavel Mikheev, Mikhail Ershov, Maxim Pozin) (2007)

Totalitarian Musical Sect (with Dmitriy Kakhovskiy, Vitaliy Kucherov & others) (2007-2010)
free improvisation/free-jazz