Solo (acoustic / electroacoustic / improvised music)

Solo (ambient / noise)

(graphic scores, schemes, instructions)

(experimental electronic, metal, rock, noise, drone)

Foxes Fluff (duo with Anna Antipova)
(experimental music + contemporary dance)

Wolkokrots (duo with Miguel A. García)
(wolkokrotish music)

Duo with Sergey Kostyrko
(noise, synthesis, electronics)

Duo with Lauri Hyvärinen
(improvised music)

Duo with Stefan Thut
(performance, composition)

Duo with Andrey Popovskiy
(electroacoustic, improvised music)

Duo with Kurt Liedwart
(electroacoustic, improvised music)

Benzolnye Mertvecy / Mars-96 / Mars-69 / Glina
(improvised noise-rock, drone-noise, noisecore, nowave etc)

Other Projects

Various Videos